Buzz and Praise (It is Time to Redefine Masculinity)

I hope you had the chance to read my latest article over at The Word is Bond.

It’s entitled “RE: DEFinition: Changing our Perception of Masculinity”

It’s generated a little buzz and I’d like to share some if it here.

They called my post “genius,”

and Mariel Richards LOVED my article on the Word is Bond site.

She then wrote a post on her blog, Mariel’s Fresh Start, about it.

She called it “a breath of fresh air”

and she also said that “the writing and message behind the article is amazing.”

“One of my favourite quotes from her pieces is Hip Hop music is wonderful, I love it, but anytime I pay enough attention to the lyrics, or I’m unlucky enough to catch a video, it does upset me. Why must this genre of music in particular be so unbelievably offensive? The link between hip hop and the black community in particular is seriously undermining the black feminist movement, but articles like this are helping to change that.”


I agree with her criticism about the article as well. She doesn’t like the use of “our women” in it.

I have to point out here that the only time I used the phrase “our women” was in a direct quote. Mariel is absolutely right when she says, “if you’re trying to break the problem of women being seen as the sexual property of men, don’t use possessives”

We have a long way to go in hip-hop music and in the feminism movement. A lot of people probably don’t think so. We don’t often think of these issues within our music and culture. I’m glad we’ve had this discussion and that it has sparked a few posts, Tweets, or reblogs as well.

Thanks for the support. I really appreciate it!

2 responses to “Buzz and Praise (It is Time to Redefine Masculinity)”

  1. Hi Mariel,

    I recorded a podcast about this topic. It's actually going to be a two-parter for Know You History, episode 23 and 24.

    I mentioned your blog and called attention to the problem of using possessive language. I really appreciate you bringing that point to my attention.