Brock’s Route Rail Trail

Let’s explore The Hamilton Conservation Authority’s Rail Trail today.

This trail runs for 32 kilometers and links downtown Hamilton to Brantford.

I started my journey today in Copetown, Ontario on Hwy 52, just North of Highway 403. It turns out that this portion of the trail follows the route that Major General Isaac Brock took between Hamilton and Port Dover through Brantford during the War of 1812.

I love how every kilometer of this trail is marked so it makes it really easy to track how far you’ve run.

I actually ran this trail last fall, as you can see from this picture. I just hadn’t gotten around to posting it yet. I really should go back and run another portion of the rail trail this summer too.

The trail is very flat and only runs in a straight line, for the most part. That is because this used to be a railroad at one point on time. I’m glad it was re-purposed as a nature trail.

The trail continues on the other side of Highway 52. I ran a kilometer or so down it and it is pretty much the same. I should start there next time I am in the neighbourhood.

There are a few farms alongside either side of the rail trail. I was glad to see the plaque about the importance of farms.

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