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Teaching Tip Tuesday

If you’re not familair with #edchat, it is a way to spark discussion among educators on Twitter. It is an interactive, online discussion where teachers can share thoughts, ideas, questions, and best practices. Many of these discussion groups are scheduled, but through the magic of Twitter, you can chime in any time.

Here is a question that Michael Abramczyk posed last month.

I immediately thought of hacky sack. It is a relatively inexpensive activity that promotes cooperation, teamwork, and coordination. Plus, it is a great recess activity.

Hacky Sack in action

I think I need to buy a few of these for classroom use and bring it back.

Here are a few other suggestions from fellow teachers.

bring it back reply

I love this idea too. Especially if your school is within walking distance of a nature trail.

bring it back - hobby day

Another great idea!

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