Breathtaking Sidewalk Art

David Zinn magically transforms the sidewalk and immediate environment into breathtaking works of art. And he does it in chalk. Absolutely incredible!

I love how he makes three-dimensional drawings that are fully immersed in reality and fantasy at exactly the same time.

This piece might just be my favourite. It really looks like Sluggo is lifting up the sidewalk to hide the leaves he has raked.

It’s a big job . . . but fortunately there are plenty of sidewalk blocks to utilize.

Maybe this is where Sluggo sleeps at night.

And it looks like he has friends underground.

Here is what David Zinn has to say about his art . . .

“I am an inveterate doodler and a shameless word nerd, always looking for new opportunities to use art as a problem-solving tool, whether the problem is a complicated global concern or a sad-looking crack in the sidewalk.”