Boldy Go Into the Star Trek Comics

Star Trek – Boldly Go: Volume 1

This graphic novel starts out where the last Star Trek movie left off. With the Enterprise destroyed in the events of Star Trek Beyond, the members of her crew are spread out throughout the galaxy. Captain Kirk is in temporary command of the Endeavour; Sulu is serving as First Officer on the Concord; and Spock and Uhura are on leave seeing to affairs on New Vulcan. Of course, things happen in this book that bring them all back together.

I like the way comics can continue and extend what happens in the movies. The old DC title was great at doing that in the 1990s and this IDW series has taken a page from that success.

At first, I was a bit taken aback by the fact that the Borg are the villains in this book. Even in this altered timeline, first contact with the Borg should be over a hundred years away. However, the writers cleverly explained why they show up now in the Kelvin timeline.

Star Trek – Boldly Go: Volume 2

The tiny aliens from the very first movie return and they still have a deep mistrust of the Federation. However, one of them works on the construction of the new Enterprise and starts to see humans in a new light.

In a different story, an ambassador is poisoned and a cadet is blamed. The peace talks are absolutely essential after the Borg threat from the last issue.

I like the way this comic series is bridging what we saw in the films with what us Trekkies know about the original five year mission. It’s a great read.

Star Trek – Boldly Go: Volume 3

This volume gets strange. There is an event that brings the multi-verse of Enterprise crews together. We get to see male versions of female characters and vice versa. There are mirror universe characters as well.

Unfortunately, this is the end of the comic series. and it didn’t really end on a high note. This series could have been so much more. I never liked the ongoing series. This one was much better done. I’m sad that it didn’t last and I’m equally depressed that we don’t get to see something like this in the cinematic universe.

It was nice to see Checkov still alive in the comics. Unfortunately, the actor who played him in the movies passed away. I would have loved to have seen a fourth movie where they addressed his death. It would have been perfect for Jaylah to take his place at the helm. She was great in the last film and it was cool to see her in Starfleet in this comic series.

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