Double Spacing Between Sentences is Not Cool Anymore!

I never really learned how to type properly. I’m not horrible at it. I can type fairly fast but I only use about four fingers and a thumb to do so. I remember learning that it was proper to hit…

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Year Three of My Five-Year Mission

My five-year mission was simply to write as much as possible with the goal of being published within five years. I started this blog two years ago today with that goal in mind. It seemed achievable and I have been…

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Supplying Today

I’ve the honour of being a substitute teacher today over at Blogging Without a Blog. It is my first guest post assignment and I hope that you will head over there to read my post today.

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Journal Vs Blog

Last year, I wrote 250 blog entries. Do the math. 250 entries divided by 365 days in the year = a 68.5% efficiency. That number is misleading though since my goal was to write a blog entry every weekday. So…

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Blog Inaction Day

Yesterday I lamented about the old posts that get forgotten in the blogosphere. Today I have a solution. We need to collectively stop and take a look back. That’s why I am proposing a Blog Inaction Day. That’s right. A…

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Blogs are Disposable

You know it’s true. I mean, when was the last time you read a post of any blog that wasn’t the most recent post? Why is it that we always gravitate towards the newest material? We only want to see…

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Welcome to the SC!

Silent Cacophony was born a long, long time ago. I remember exactly how it started. I was fishing through the dictionary and came across this wonderful word “cacophony.” It meant a harsh or discordant sound. I didn’t even know how…

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Twice as Much Work

It’s a bit frustrating teaching a split class. There is just so much stuff that I need to juggle. I’ve been trying my best and I know that I’ve been doing a good job. But I also know, that I…

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Why Blogs Suck

Last week when I was at the university for the radio show, I picked up a copy of the student newspaper. I haven’t read it in quite some time. Truth is, I used to write for it way back when….

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You Talked Me Off The Ledge

I almost quit blogging last week. It didn’t feel like there was much value in it anymore. It felt like I was just going through the motions. I actually wrote a post titled, “What’s the Point?” where I contemplated the…

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