The Magic of Creativity

February 18, 2020

Sometimes when I am writing or creating, it feels like I am merely the channel that helps the work express itself. There has always been a magic to creativity. In her book, Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert explain it like this . . . “I am [Keep Reading]

Kicking it with The Good People

February 15, 2020

Saint and Emskee of The Good People call in for an in-depth interview on Word is Bond Rap Radio. Before the chat, I kick off the show with a half-hour mix of their music and then top it all off with  some great new hip-hop. This is episode #402 of [Keep Reading]

Great Picture Books

February 13, 2020

I’ve have been reading a lot of picture books to my little Gizmo over the past year. Most are completely unremarkable. Some are absolutely terrible. And a sparse few are fantastic. Here are two of them that deserve to be on your bookshelf if [Keep Reading]

The Walking Dead Saga Ends

February 12, 2020

The Walking Dead: Volume 32 – Rest in Peace I had no idea that this series was coming to an end. The creators didn’t announce the historic last issue and promote the end of an era. They didn’t even try to stretch out the story to [Keep Reading]

The Best Rock Performance I’ve Ever Seen

February 8, 2020

I went to a show in Toronto on Wednesday at the Phoenix Concert Theatre and was so impressed with one of the bands that I just had to blog about it. Their set was probably the best rock performance I have ever seen. So, without further ado, here is [Keep Reading]

See You at the Top

February 7, 2020

See You at the Top by Zig Ziglar I wanted to read this book again because I have fond memories of it. It was a book my dad had when I was young and it was captivating. I’m not sure I ever read the whole thing until now. I know that parts of it [Keep Reading]

Superman – The Unity Saga

February 5, 2020

Superman: Vol. 1 – The Unity Saga: Phantom Earth I read the 1000th issue of Action Comics last year. It’s impressive that Superman has made it that many issues and remains a huge part of popular culture. It’s also interesting to [Keep Reading]

Ideas Won’t Wait Around Forever

February 4, 2020

Ideas Won’t Wait Around Forever Elizabeth Gilbert tells us about a story she started to write but never finished. She loved the idea but never seriously got down to executing it. Then, a few years later, she had an encounter with a fellow [Keep Reading]
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