Blog Inaction Day

Yesterday I lamented about the old posts that get forgotten in the blogosphere. Today I have a solution.

We need to collectively stop and take a look back.

That’s why I am proposing a Blog Inaction Day.

That’s right. A day of inaction. A day where all bloggers don’t publish anything. A day where we bloggers honour the past by doing nothing except reading old entries. We can dip into the vaults of our favourite blogs or explore blogs we’ve never been to before.

We can keep a record of what jewels from the past we were able to find. We should all find at least five articles from the past that interested us in some way. We can then go and post the links up on our blog. No commentary is needed.

All we need to write is, “Look what I found in the sandbox!”

Then we will let the discussion begin. We will have created a dialogue with the past. We will honour our history and still move forward.

What’d ya say. Are you with me?

3 responses to “Blog Inaction Day”

  1. I’m game. Although it might be more of an excuse to take a break from reading blogs at all. Or writing them. We definitely need to do something to help out their buried posts in our archives.

  2. Hi Oktober Five,

    It’s always good to hear from you. I wasn’t sure what people would think of this post and my crazy idea. But it could work.

    Of course, you also raise a good point. It could just turn into a day of inaction all around. Maybe that wouldn’t be such a bad thing either. It’d be like car-free day. Blog-free day, anyone?

  3. It could be “ride your pen and paper to work day” … or something. It reminds me of people who say they’ve gone on a “technology fast” where they don’t check email, blog, or use computers at all. Apparently it’s very refreshing.