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I shocked myself today as I did some research online. I was trying to see if there were any websites that were dedicated to quotes from rap songs. I was researching my idea about publishing my commonplace book in a blog.

I have wanted to find a good way to organize the quotations I have collected for quite some time now. I thought that a new blog would be the perfect vehicle for this endeavor. I could post up all of the entries in my commonplace book and they could be organized easily by theme, author, genre, and any other appropriate tag by putting labels on the posts.

My commonplace book now has 300 entries in it. If I post at the same pace as I do on this blog, I would have enough entries to last just over a year. I thought that a good way to add to my collection would be to add some of my favourite rap song lyrics. So I typed “rap commonplace book” into the Google search engine and got my post “Hip Hop in Final Jeopardy.” This really shocked me. I have searched by my name before and got a hit but I have never found a blog entry of mine by doing a regular search. It was so cool to see this happen.

I have started my new blog but won’t be regularly posting until the New Year. I want to run regular features on it like I do here in this blog. I will probably have a specific weekday to shed light on hip-hop. I am still working out exactly how I will post up entries. I want this to be a great collection that I can share with you.

Since a commonplace book is a personal collection of striking passages from any source, I thought it appropriate to title this new blog, Thoughtful Cacophony. It is a collection of thoughts and it fits ties in nicely with the title of this blog.

Please head on over to Thoughtful Cacophony and let me know what you think.

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