Blame The Art

There was violence before
There was jewelry before it
hip-hop did nothing but report
the reality we saw everywhere so,
Blame the Art

You’re outside the culture
so point your finger
it’s the easiest thing to do
Blame the Art

It makes you feel good
it gives you a target
but you will never obliterate it.
You know it too,
that’s why you
Blame the Art

It makes it seem like you are doing something
but perhaps, you should fight a battle to change
the things you dislike.
That would be a start.
Do something significant
Don’t just
Blame the Art.

Sometimes when I am in a conference or seminar, I like to scribble down poems or thoughts. I wrote this poem while the speaker was saying his speech about the erosion of values I wrote about yesterday. I was infuriated about his choice of words.

I then wrote another one about how I was feeling about his words at the time. The strange thing was that I saw him that night before in the business centre at the hotel. He was talking to his assistant and he said that he might just use an old speech. This small comment made me think more of his words from the podium. It seemed to me like he wasn’t prepared at all and I needed to vent. Fortunately, I had my pen and paper to do just that. This is what I wrote,

Write a speech!
Don’t just go with the flow
or you say BS
or nothing consequential
So I tune out but still clap
write some poetry
based on your crap,
at least it fertilized an idea.

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