Bitesize Science

Here’s a great website that I liked to share with you today for Teaching Tip Tuesday.

It’s called Bitesize and it’s from the BBC. They have great interactive games and activities for students. I really like the science activities but they also have some for spelling and math. There are also worksheets and other great resources available.

The online activities can be embedded into your classroom blog or website but I have found that they seem to work better on the full screen mode. So I always leave a link like this for my students to follow.

Click on this link to make this activity full screen.

I like how these activities can either introduce the students to a scientific concept or help further their knowledge. There is also a multiple choice quiz that they can take after they have completed the activity.

When my students have completed the activity and gotten at least a 7 out of 10 on the quiz, I then let them have some free time.

I think it is important that teachers utilize the computer lab as a learning atmosphere and not just a place for our students to have free time. There are some amazing interactive websites that we should be exposing our students to.

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