Chase March cannot be pegged down in a simple biography. He follows his passions wherever they may take him. That is why there are a variety of bios listed below.

Chase March – Bio

Chase March is an educator, librarian, writer, DJ, and radio host. He has a Masters of Library and Information Science, a Bachelor of Education, and a Bachelor of Arts degree. He is a writer of screenplays, poetry, fiction, and non-fiction books. Chase has been hosting radio shows and deejaying on campus radio stations since 2008. His show, Word is Bond Rap Radio can be heard Thursday nights at 11:00 pm ET on 94.9 fm Radio Western. His writing and podcast can be found on his website,

Chase March – DJ

Chase March is an open-format DJ who loves to provide music for weddings and special events. He can be heard on the radio every week with his show Word is Bond Rap Radio which airs on 94.9 fm Radio Western. For him, DJing is not simply pressing buttons or playing the latest music from a Billboard chart or Spotify playlist; it’s about bringing a crowd of people together to enjoy a night out with music that appeals to a wide variety of tastes and ages. His podcast can be found at

Chase March – Educator

Chase March is an experienced and certified teacher with eighteen years experience in the classroom. He has taught Grade 3, 4, and 6 homerooms as well as English and instrumental music at the middle and high school level. He loves getting students involved in music and drama activities. He regularly uses hip-hop culture to connect with his students. He blogs regularly about education issues at

Chase March – Musician

Chase March is a rapper, DJ, and music producer. He formed the group Mission 5 in the late 1990s and they released two full length albums as well as a single on vinyl. He is currently a member of Hip Hop HeadUcatorz, a group of Ontario Teachers who believe in the use of Hip Hop culture to inspire and engage students. They regularly release music videos and singles and their debut album “Head of the Class” is out now. To find out more, visit his website

Chase March – Writer

Chase March has written screenplays, novels, works of non-fiction, and poetry. He began blogging in 2007 to share his love of writing and document the journey of becoming a published author. He writes for the hip-hop magazine website The Word is Bond. He is currently working on a few different projects. To learn more about his writing, visit his website

DJ Chase March – The Long Story

Chase March is dedicated to the art of deejaying. He loves the craft of putting together a mixset whether it is painstakingly produced for an album or on the fly live at a venue. A good selection of music can do more than simply entertain a crowd. It can tell a story, put a smile on someone’s face, and bring a room full of people together. Music is a powerful thing.

Chase’s love of music has seen him performing in his high school band, a military marching band, a rap group, and as a DJ for various events, clubs, and venues. He has even shared his passion for music as a school teacher when he instructed students to play brass, woodwind, percussion, and electronic instruments.

In the 1990s, Chase had aspirations of becoming a rapper. With his brother, he started up a group, recruited a DJ, and spent the next several years focusing on writing songs, producing beats, and performing. After the group disbanded several years later, his DJ landed on campus radio. Chase was invited to come in and guest host a few times. He interviewed artists and produced documentary segments for the show. A few years later, he started teaching himself the elements of deejaying and worked on crafting mixsets for the radio as well.

During this time, Chase March started working with one of the biggest online publications for hip-hop news and information. He wrote articles for the site and produced the podcast before spinning it off into a weekly radio show. Word is Bond Rap Radio airs Thursday nights from 11:00 p.m. to 01:00 a.m. on 94.9 fm Radio Western and the podcasts are available to stream or download.

He has provided the music for weddings, fashion shows, charity events, rap concerts, dance clubs, live radio shows, and bars. Chase March DJ Services allows him to share his passion for music.

DJing is not simply pressing buttons or playing the latest music from a Billboard chart or Spotify playlist. A talented and experienced DJ can tell a story with the musical choices he makes. He can blend and mix records so that the flow of music is constant. And he can bring a crowd of people together to enjoy a night out with music that appeals to a wide variety of tastes and ages.