Chase March is dedicated to the art of deejaying. He loves the craft of putting together a mixset whether it is painstakingly produced for an album or on the fly live at a venue. A good selection of music can do more than simply entertain a crowd. It can tell a story, put a smile on someone’s face, and bring a room full of people together. Music is a powerful thing.

Chase’s love of music has seen him performing in his high school band, a military marching band, a rap group, and as a DJ for various events, clubs, and venues. He even shares his passion for music as a school teacher where he instructs students to play brass, woodwind, percussion, and electronic instruments.

As far back as he can remember, Chase has been fascinated with turntables. As a child, he had a plastic toy record player that produced simple tones as the needle bounced over plastic bumps on the hard, indestructible discs.

He has found memories of Sesame Street and Star Wars storybooks that came with 45 RPM records. He flipped through the books while listening to the sound effects and narration. It was an interactive experience that transported him to other worlds.

At first, the record player was simply a medium for the music, but he quickly learned that it could be used to manipulate sounds. Using wax paper as a slip map, he scratched records. He made simple cassette mixtapes by recording songs from the radio and tracks from vinyl records to tell a musical story. Drawing inspiration from his favourite hip-hop groups, he purchased a mixer, procured a second turntable, and entertained himself for hours playing songs and performing simple scratches and mixes.

At this point, Chase had aspirations of becoming a rapper. With his brother, he started up a group, recruited a DJ, and spent the next several years focusing on writing songs, producing beats, and performing. After the group disbanded several years later, his DJ landed on campus radio. Chase was invited to come in and guest host a few times. He interviewed artists and produced documentary segments for the show. A few years later, he started teaching himself the elements of deejaying and worked on crafting mixsets for the radio as well.

During this time, Chase March started working with one of the biggest online publications for hip-hop news and information. He wrote articles for the site and produced the podcast before spinning it off into a weekly radio show. Word is Bond Rap Radio airs Tuesday nights from 10:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. on 94.9 fm Radio Western and the podcasts are available to stream or download.

He has provided the music for weddings, fashion shows, charity events, rap concerts, dance clubs, live radio shows, and bars. Chase March DJ Services allows him to share his passion for music.

DJing is not simply pressing buttons or playing the latest music from a Billboard chart or Spotify playlist. A talented and experienced DJ can tell a story with the musical choices he makes. He can blend and mix records so that the flow of music is constant. And he can bring a crowd of people together to enjoy a night out with music that appeals to a wide variety of tastes and ages.