Here is a list of things that I have written with a brief description of each work. So far none of these works have been published. Please click on the links to read either an excerpt or in some cases the entire work.

I hope you enjoy my writing. Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment on any one of my posts, sending me an email, or by contacting me on Twitter.

Thank you and enjoy.

4 Wheel and a Piece of Maplenovel

An Aboriginal youth from a isolated First Nations Reserve overcomes adversity to live his dream and become a professional skateboarder.

After the Factverse novel

A man retells the story about his failed relationship, the hurt and betrayal that he faced in it, and how he has a hard time moving on.

Bled Dryscreenplay

David Watts is a twenty-five year old salesman working at a department store. He doesn’t like the cheesy love songs they play over the store-wide speaker system. David just can’t believe that love like that really exists. That is, until he meets a college student by the name of Autumn at a blood donor clinic one day.

It All Works Out… In Time – verse novel

The nameless narrator continues to tell the story from After the Fact. It’s two years later and he is able to finally find love and move on from the heartbreak he felt.

Operation: Ball Retrieval – a short story

Kevin and Danny play soccer in the backyard. Kevin thinks he’s the best goalie ever until a shot gets by him and end up in the neighbour’s yard. It’s a mission for both of them to get the ball back from their often angry neighbour.

Reap What They Sownovel

Michael is an aimless soul, just going through the motions. That is, until he goes through a bad break-up just before graduation. He then decides to go on a simple summer excursion before hitting the workforce. On the journey, he finds thoughts jumping into his head that he does not believe are his own. Is this his creative side coming through or is it something else? Whatever it is, it is a summer that will shape the rest of his life.


An artist in his first year of university tries to find out what he wants out of life. He gets into trouble when he decides to pay tribute to his deceased mother by painting a mural on the side of a downtown building.

Survived by Stuff short story

A young couple moves into an apartment and takes on the job of superintendent. They have to clean out an apartment of a young man who dies with no next of kin. It affects them in ways that will carry on and stay with them long after all the stuff is cleared out.

The Brief Moments – short story

Scott is driving down the highway when he stops to assist a motorist. He hopes it’s more than just a chance encounter, or is that all life really offers?

The Thought Aloneshort story

She never would’ve thought that crossing the street could have brought her so far. But here she is at her wedding reception.