Better Spent?

I’m not a big fan of politics. Never have been. I just see all the money that is spent on these things and think that maybe it could have been better spent.

I must admit that I don’t really get the whole American way of doing things. The election took two years to come to fruition. Two years of multiple candidates. Two years of advertisements, lawn signs, and campaign tours for multiple candidates. Two months or so of the final stretch race. Extra money spent. Billions probably.

I don’t understand why all of this is necessary. The Canadian way of doing things is a lot quicker, a bit less expensive and a lot less complicated. But even that eats up money like crazy.

Just think of what good this money could have done if it had been spread around. I mean, isn’t there a more cost effective way of electing our governments? There has to be.

I hasten to compare electing officials to the rap music industry but I am going to try anyway. There are some brilliant acts that have managed to sell a lot of units with no airplay and very little promotion. How did this happen? Word of mouth and quality of character and product. Can’t politicians be more like musicians this way?

I’ll admit that is argument is a bit absurd. I just don’t like to see all this waste. There are so many people that go without things in this world. We have everything here in our two countries. Can’t we spread some of that wealth around and still run our countries much the same way? I think we can.

Perhaps it is time to overhaul our way of electing officials. We are amidst changing times. So let’s change.

4 responses to “Better Spent?”

  1. I totally agree. Granted, fewer people may turn out to vote. And there is also the question of regulation: because it’s just as much a race as the arms race was–it’s a stockpile of weapons. If you have a nife, I need a gun, which means you’ll get a bomb, which means I’ll have to get something bigger; and that goes on until there is no more money left. So it has to be regulated more.

    And how did you get the cool grading thing?

  2. Hi Oktober Five,

    Thanks for giving me a nice grade. It is an option now in Blogger. I like using Blogger because they are always trying to improve and add new features. I don’t have the time of energy to design and code. I just like to write and post.

    I think more people may vote if the system is changed. There would be more options. More people might get more involved too. But who knows? It’s just an idea.

  3. Hey Silverfish,

    I know it would never fly. Lawn sign companies would go out of business. And think of all the tailors and designers who provided the suits for the candidates. What about all the managers and other staff on payroll?

    Too much money is the problem here, in more ways than one.