Best & Worst of 2007

Here it is. My year-end Best & Worst list.


Best new T.V. show – Torchwood

My favourite T.V. shows on the air right now all debuted last season. I have tried watching some of the new shows this season but there aren’t really many that capture my interest. I didn’t stick with any of the new shows except for Torchwood. It is a spin-off of Doctor Who. It brilliantly written, dark, and mature. It is perfect Friday night viewing.

Best song – Rihanna “Umbrella”

This song is amazing. I love the lyrics, the delivery, the beat, Rihanna’s voice, and the video. This song has been everywhere this year. Hands down, this gets my pick for song of the year.

There are a few songs that came close and I still have in Heavy Rotation – Sean Kingston “Beautiful Girl,” Akon “Blame it On Me,” Bone Thugs and Harmony “I Tried,” Alicia Keys “No one,” and Beyonce “Irreplaceable”

Best album – Common –Finding Forever

Common still has it. He makes hip-hop albums for mature for listeners that just bang. Intelligent lyrics, great beats, and great delivery.

Other albums that I spin quite regularly; Buffalo Tom – Three Easy Pieces, Kanye West – Graduation, Classified – Hitch-hiking Music, and Avril Lavigne – Best Damn Thing

Best Artist – Akon

Akon has appeared on so many hit records this year. His own album is banging and it seems like he can do no wrong musically.

Best book – Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows by J.K. Rowling.

This book wrapped up the series beautifully. I really enjoyed the entire series.

Best music video – Classified “Hard to be Hip Hop”

This video is amazingly done. It sends up hip-hop stereotypes in a very humorous and entertaining way.


Worst Movie – Transformers was the movie so many people my age were looking forward to. I was a huge fan of the cartoon show when I was a kid. I saw the animated movie in the theatre. I started collecting the comic books a few years ago when they relaunched the title. They have been amazing books with great writing and character development. Unfortunately, the movie was horrible. It tried too hard to appeal to a mainstream audience and lost everything that Transformers was about. The series has always been about the robots. The movie was about a boy, his new car, and his hot girlfriend and some flashy effects. Thumbs down.

Worst Album – Remy Ma “The BX Files.” She went from being the hottest MC to have on your remix, to dropping a great debut album, and then to falling victim to the sophomore slump. Too bad.

Worst T.V. show – The Bionic Woman – It looked like it would be worth watching. I gave it a good try but after about four episodes, I realized that it just wasn’t going to get any better.

4 responses to “Best & Worst of 2007”

  1. I used to think Umbrella was really, REALLY annoying, just because I heard it everywhere and I’ve never really liked Rihanna.
    Then I actually listened to it, and it turned out to be a really good song.

  2. I also really like the duet she did with Neo, “Hate that I love you.” It is a really great song about the feelings you can still have for someone when you break up. I know it really spoke to me and my situation.

  3. Really can’t agree on Torchwood. Doctor Who is a great show, the other one is a load of recycled material, a bit darkened and with an extra helping of unnecessary drama…

  4. I agree with you a bit Trisia. The series is definitely dark, and I wouldn’t say that is a superb show. I am just saying that compared to the crop of new shows this fall, this one stands out. I like the tie ins to Doctor Who as well. I think they’ve done a good job with it.