The Best Word You Can Use in Your Teaching Practice

Carol Dweck talks about her favourite new word – Yet!

She says that she hears students complain that they are not good at a particular subject. They may say, “I’m no good at math” or “I’m not a musician” and as teachers, all we have to do is add one word to those statements.


I’m not good at math yet.

That’s a very powerful word and quite possibly the best word we can use in our teaching practice.

Saying this simple word helps to communicate that . . .

“This is a skill that’s acquired over time. It’s not something you are good at or bad at. There’s a learning curve and you’re on that learning curve. When I say to you, ‘Yet,’ it means get back on that learning curve.

Some kids wear this badge of honour

– I’m not a math person

And you have to say, ‘Yet’

because everyone can learn math or music. Everyone can get better at it. They just need to get in there and keep trying.”

Yet is a very powerful word.

And one that I will make sure to use more often.