Best Teacher Ever

I got called “The Best Teacher Ever!” today, more than once.

All it took was some chocolate cake.

It was great to get this response from the kids. I’m glad they enjoyed my surprise for them.

I started this practice two years ago and I find it works quite well. On a day when no one is expecting it, I throw my class a surprise birthday party to celebrate everyone’s birthday. I bake a cake and come to school early to sneak it inside.

While the kids are out at recess or gym class, I move the desks together and place a drink, a napkin, and a personalized birthday card on each desk. I like to put super balls and suckers in the envelopes as well.

Today’s party was one of the best yet. I went to the gym to pick up the students as I usually do every day. They were lined up waiting for me but they weren’t quite ready to go. I usually give them a moment to line up properly and then we walk to the fountain to get a drink.

The line was a bit unruly so I told them that we weren’t going to go get a drink today. We walked directly back to class but as soon as I opened the door, they knew something was up.

They were quite surprised. They thanked me for the cards and the juice. And that’s when I brought out the cake.

I also brought in two DVD’s and they choose which one they wanted to watch. I had two kids deliver some cake to the principal and the secretary. We even had a piece left over for the head custodian.

Everyone enjoyed the surprise birthday party. I didn’t end up watching much of the movie. I ended up playing some games with some of the students instead.

It was a great day.

5 responses to “Best Teacher Ever”

  1. Hi Chase – You are a phenomenal teacher! I’ve never heard of a teacher doing this. What a wonderful surprise.

    It’s no wonder you’re getting kudos from the kids. And I’m guessing the parents think you’re pretty awesome, too. I know I would.

  2. Hi Barbara,

    The sad thing is that I have very little in the way of parental support. I try my best to get them involved and be interested in what is going on in the classroom, but it just doesn’t seem to be happening. It’s quite frustrating actually.

  3. hey chase, that’s a great thing to hear, even if they were eating chocolate cake. the cake i’m sure was just the icing to your greatness.