The Best of June 2011 (Chasing Content)

It’s time to scour the archive and look at what we were doing here last year at this time.

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Exclusive Alison Myrden Interview – Alison Myrden is just a pleasure to talk to. She is involved in LEAP (Law Enforcement against Prohibition) and I has been trying to legalize and regulate all drugs for the last, probably, two decades. This is the second time I have caught up with her for a radio interview.

Marguerite Omston Trail – I laced up my running shoes and powered up my camera so you could come along on this trail run. It’s a gorgeous trail in Kitchener, Ontario and I’m sure you’ll like the tour.

Classroom Deal or No Deal – I love playing this game with my class. You don’t need any materials to play it either, just a blackboard or white board and a list of 26 numbers and their monetary values. So have fun with your class and ham it up as a game show host.

An Hour With Hip-Hop Artist, Witness – Witness and I had a lot of fun on the radio. We talk about his amazing album “The Everafter LP,” his work as an emcee and producer, and much, much, more. This show is available as a podcast and transcript as well.

A Great Resource for Teaching Vocal Music – This is one of my favourite resources. It is so easy to use. I use it for a warm-up in my music instruction. I like how the program builds up sequentially so it is easy for students to follow along with. It gets them sight reading, singing, and clapping out patterns.

Stoney Creek of the Thames Visual Tour – This is one of my most-viewed Photographic Tours. It is a very accesible trail to wlak, run, job, or rollerblade along. Enjoy!

Thanks for Chasing Content with me!