Best of August 2011 (Chasing Content)

It’s the first of the month! Time to go strolling through the archives to see what we were doing here last year at this time.

It’s time for Chasing Content.

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Camping Adventure Part 1 – A true life story that I can look back on and laugh about now. At the time, it wasn’t so funny. It was just annoying and time consuming.

The 6 Things You Really Need for Back to School – I hate how the back to school season has become a commercial holiday something akin to Christmas. Advertisers try to convince us all that we are bad parents if we don’t spend, spend, spend. Kids don’t need all those things for school. These are the six essentials that every child should have though.

Motown Night was Electric (Literally) – I love the CNE and it is always great to interview the artists and musicians who are on hand. Last year, I interviewed The Manhattans and their performance was stellar. Too bad it was cut short by a thunderstorm.

Hip-Hop in Black and White – I recorded an episode of Know Your History based on the article I was approached to write for The Word is Bond. It was a very well-received article for the online hip-hop magazine and the podcast of it turned out equally amazing. This year, I’ve started a weekly podcast for the site as well. It all started from the humble beginnings of this essay.

We All Need Free TV – One year later and I must admit that I am not happy with digital TV. The analogue signal was much better because I could still tune in a weak station. With digital, if the signal is too weak, the screen goes black, With analague, the picture may have been fuzzy but it was at least watchable. Too bad analogue is no longer an option.

A Spotlight on MC Lyte – As part of our special International Women’s Day tribute show on DOPEfm last year, we did a special on MC Lyte and Queen Latifah. If you missed it, you can read the transcript, and download the podcasts for free. Enjoy!

Thanks for digging through the archives with me!

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