Bechtel Park Trail

bechtel park sign

Let’s go trail running and explore the beautiful Bechtel Park in Waterloo, Ontario!

bechtel park trail entrance

The trails begins on the other sides of the soccer fields.

bechtel park trail

The trail runs through a forested area. There a a few short hills along the route too.

bechtel park bridge

I can’t resist a bridge over a creek. I probably should have today though.

bechtel park overgrown

The path was really over-grown on this side of the bridge. Many of the plants were prickly as well. My legs got a little bit scratched up.

bechtel park wood chip

So, I turned around, headed back over the bridge, and re-joined the main path.

bechtel park creek

Next time, I will stay on the main trail for the entire run. There were several off-shoots of it and I am sure they link up for a great running route.

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