Beamer Memorial Run Tour

It’s time for another installment of my Visual Running Tour.

This time I drove up the escarpment near my mother’s house and ran at Beamer Memorial Conservation Area. I had never been there before and looked forward to a great exploration and a great run.

Isn’t it a shame that you need signs warning you not to leave anything valuable in your car. Apparently, cars have been broken into a number of times here.

The trail looks beautiful already, but stay tuned. It gets better.

The trail leads to a large open field and there is a lookout. Apparently it is a perfect spot to bird watch.

Of course, I’m on the Niagara Escarpment for this run. There should be a great view up ahead.

Here’s some more information about where I was. I might even read this one day. I was too busy running by it to stop any longer than the few seconds it took me to snap the picture.

What a beautiful trail.

Here’s the first lookout. You can see all of Grimsby from here.

Off to the next lookout.

I wanted to climb over the railings to get some better shots. My camera doesn’t have a zoom, but I think I got some nice shots anyway. Better safe than sorry.

And when I started running again instead of just enjoying the view, I found the stairs. I love a challenge when I run, so I ran down them and then back up them. It was tough, but fun.

There was a waterfall further up but I couldn’t get a good shot of it from behind the barrier. But I could get some shots of the water. It has been dry lately so there wasn’t much of a flow.

I have more pictures but I think I will stop there. Otherwise this post will a million miles long.

It was a great run and the view was amazing. I hope you enjoyed this tour.

5 responses to “Beamer Memorial Run Tour”

  1. Hi Laise,

    Thanks for stopping by. The Niagara Escarpment is absolutely beautiful and there are so many great spots to hike or run it.

    I hope everyone who lives here goes there at some point. It’s good to appreciate the beauty around us. And there are so many great sections of it I haven’t been to yet. I should make it a mission to do so and document it all here.

  2. What a beautiful park Chase! You really should stop to read that sign next time you go by, or just enlarge the picture on your computer. The sign is very informative. 🙂 He he. If I had a vote in this (and I don’t think I do) I would get you to run by some more of those waterfalls. Apparently (as the sign says) there are many waterfalls in the park. This also means more rough terrain. Hope you have your good shoes on!

  3. Hi Silverfish,

    Of course you have a vote. I will probably go there again. And when I do, I will bring my camera back and get some more shots just for you.

    Plus I love getting out and communing with nature. Perhaps I will get back there in the spring.

    I’d say, “Stay tuned,” but I know you always do anyway. Thanks.