Beamer Memorial Run Tour

It’s time for another installment of my Visual Running Tour.

This time I drove up the escarpment near my mother’s house and ran at Beamer Memorial Conservation Area. I had never been there before and looked forward to a great exploration and a great run.

Isn’t it a shame that you need signs warning you not to leave anything valuable in your car. Apparently, cars have been broken into a number of times here.

The trail looks beautiful already, but stay tuned. It gets better.

The trail leads to a large open field and there is a lookout. Apparently it is a perfect spot to bird watch.

Of course, I’m on the Niagara Escarpment for this run. There should be a great view up ahead.

Here’s some more information about where I was. I might even read this one day. I was too busy running by it to stop any longer than the few seconds it took me to snap the picture.

What a beautiful trail.

Here’s the first lookout. You can see all of Grimsby from here.

Off to the next lookout.

I wanted to climb over the railings to get some better shots. My camera doesn’t have a zoom, but I think I got some nice shots anyway. Better safe than sorry.

And when I started running again instead of just enjoying the view, I found the stairs. I love a challenge when I run, so I ran down them and then back up them. It was tough, but fun.

There was a waterfall further up but I couldn’t get a good shot of it from behind the barrier. But I could get some shots of the water. It has been dry lately so there wasn’t much of a flow.

I have more pictures but I think I will stop there. Otherwise this post will a million miles long.

It was a great run and the view was amazing. I hope you enjoyed this tour.