Battle Scars

Remember what my skateboard looked like two weeks ago when I first bought it?

Here it is after some March Break skating.

It’s normal for your skateboard to get a bit scratched and banged up after only a few rides.

They are built to take some major punishment.

You can see that I’ve scraped some of the paint and design off the bottom and put a wheel divot under the top wheel.

But I have no idea how this crack got there.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I tried to get some air out of the quarter pipe. That is the ramp in the middle of the above picture.

I don’t know why I tried that trick. I don’t like this particular ramp. The incline is pretty much vertical. It is way too steep and I rarely use it.

But I was feeling pretty good about my new board and the tricks I was pulling off that day, so I tried it. I entered the ramp with a fair amount of speed, pumped my legs, and did an ollie at the top. However, I lost control and my board went flying into the air. I jumped back and landed on my feet but I did stretch out my back a bit.

I laid down on the concrete for a while and took a bit of a break after that semi-wipe-out.

I started skating again and didn’t bother to stop and check out the condition of my board.

I only noticed the crack the next day after I had skated for a while. I think my board went pretty high up in the air and came crashing down the day before.

Skateboards are made in several different plies. This crack only went through the first one. It should hold up to a bit more punishment though. I hope.

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