Battered and Bruised By a Trail

It’s amazing how easy it is to hurt yourself.

Last week, I went for a run on a fairly flat course. It wasn’t a difficult run at all. There weren’t an abundance of tree roots or rocks to watch out for along the route either.
I don’t know how I did it. But ten minutes into my run, I somehow twisted my ankle. I came down on it hard. I swore. I then realized that this wasn’t just a little twist or sprain. It really hurt.
The problem was that I was now ten minutes down a trail and I was in no position to continue running. I should have gotten right off my feet, took it easy, and put some ice on the injured ankle. Of course, that was impossible to do because I was alone on a trail with nothing on my person except one single, solitary key in my pocket.
I was pretty much screwed. The only thing I could do was limp back down the trail. I quickly noticed the mosquitoes drawing in on me as I had finally slowed down enough that they could attack me with ease.
I didn’t want to get eaten alive, so I hobbled and limped as quickly as I could to get out of the woods. It was a slow process. It took me over twenty minutes to cover the same distance that I had run in only ten.
I got home and put ice on my ankle. By now, it really hurt. Walking three kilometers on it after a sprain probably didn’t help much, but what could I do.
I took it easy for the past four days, in hopes that it would heal. I went to the beach, the cool water seemed to make it feel better, but water just seemed to bring out the bruising. 
I could now see the full extent of my injuries. I had three distinct bruises on both sides of my ankle. Some of them were quite large. My whole foot was swollen and appeared to be twice as fat as my other one.
I’ve sprained or twisted my ankle several times over the years but I don’t think I’ve ever done such a number on it as I did last week.
It was starting to go a bit stir crazy by staying off my feet too. I’m an active guy who loves getting out and enjoying the summer. So I . . . 
Wait, I think I’ll tell that story next time. See you all on Monday.

2 responses to “Battered and Bruised By a Trail”

  1. Hi Chase .. that's so frustrating – especially for someone active, who loves the great outdoors.

    I know I'm late here – but hope things are easing (I think they are) .. presumably you mean lake beach? – which lake?

    Cheers for now .. Hilary

  2. Hi Hilary,

    I went to Port Stanley. They have a really nice set of beaches there. They even have lifeguards. A lot of beaches in Ontario don't.

    I was actually thinking that I should do something similar to my Visual Running Tours to show the different beaches and great tourist spots that I visit.

    Perhaps next time I go, I'll bring the camera with me.

    Thanks. My ankle is feeling much better. It's still bruised but I can walk on it just fine. I'm not skateboarding or running though until next week.

    Have a good one!