Back Pain . . . Once Again

ChirpractorTwo years ago I hurt my back and was shocked to see that it became unaligned somehow.

After a couple of weeks of treatment by the chiropractor, I was finally straightened out and got back to normal.

I had a flair up again last week. I wasn’t even doing anything stupid this time either. I didn’t even realize I had done anything until the next day.

Sure enough, I was leaning to the left again. The doctor thought that I had done okay. It had been two years since I last had to use his services. I never thought I’d need them again. I really hope this isn’t a regular occurrence every couple of years.

Here is the story of my back injury

So, the high jump injury affected my C4 and C5. I think that might have weakend my back somehow. The next injury was focused on my L2. And the most recent flair up is too.

I can’t lift anything right now. There is a constant pain that makes it hard to do a lot of things. Once I get back to normal though, I plan on doing some strengthening exercises regularly. I really don’t want to have to go through this again . . . and definitely not every few years.