Award Show Bliss

Much Music really knows how to put on an award show. They don’t just host it inside a boring convention centre. Nope. They shut down the streets all around the building in downtown Toronto. They have stages in the building, outside in the parking lot, down the street, and even on the roof. And unlike other award shows, they open it up to the public so that tens of thousands of fans can attend the show. It is truly unlike any other award show I have ever seen.

This yearly award show never fails to disappoint. Last night was no exception. The Much Music Video Awards honour the best in Canadian and International music videos. It is nice to see Canadian talent honoured like this. And the event seems to be more about fun and celebrating the moment rather than just the awards.

The performances were all very good, save for one non-Canadian band that thought they had to swear as much as they could all night long. They started as soon as they got out of their vehicle on the red carpet. I am not even going to mention who they are because that just gives them attention. Needless to say they just looked like idiots. Their use of profanity was not witty or funny in any way. It was just a desperate grab for attention.

Some of my picks won; Avril Lavigne and Billy Talent. I think Classified and Nickelback should have won an award, they were nominated. Needless to say, that these are four really talented acts. Congratulations to them all! And Kudos to Much Music for putting on a great show.