Avril Lavigne Rocks London, Ontario!

Avril Lavigne knows how to put on a live show. She has energy and enthusiasm and it is clear that she really loves rocking out.

The crowd definitely was on her side this weekend. The uproar was deafening as she took to the stage at the John Labatt Centre.

She worked through her extensive catalog of hits and had the audience singing along to nearly every song.

We did our best work during “I’m With You,” when the band cut out, Avril lowered her microphone, and we carried the chorus.

It really was electric to hear the crowd singing in unison. Our voices blended together and it one of the best sounds I’d ever heard.

Avril was proud of hearing her song being reflected back to her. She conducted us and smiled as we belted out the lyrics. When we finished, she started the chorus again and then lowered her microphone once more, letting us own the song.

She must have felt the same magic that I did, as she had us sing the chorus one last time, before the band came back in and brought the song to a stunning conclusion.

The show seemed to fly by and before I knew it, before I wanted it to be, it was over. She said, “Goodnight,” waved, and left the stage.

It can’t be over, I thought. She hasn’t even sang “Complicated” yet.

An encore definitely was in store.

Avril came back out on stage with her opening act and best friend Evan Taubenfeld. During his original set earlier in the night, he played one of Avril’s hit songs that they had written together. Now he came back out with his guitar and he and Avril performed one of his latest songs.

It really was a great song and I’m definitely going to pick up the single. The song was called “Best Years of Our Lives.” He also has a new album out entitled “Welcome to the Blacklist Club.”

The two played one more song in this acoustic setting before Avril’s band came back on stage to close out the show with “Complicated.”

It was a great show. I really don’t want to say anything bad about it. I enjoyed every minute . . .

. . . but I was a little disappointed about the lack of a large television screen beside the stage. From my seat, I couldn’t see everything in as much detail as I would have liked.

I haven’t been to a concert lately that hasn’t had a big screen. I thought it was strange that this show didn’t have one.

The picture at the top of this post shows you what my view was like. Of course, I also don’t have that great of a camera. I could see better than it could.

All in all, it was a great show. I yelled my undying love for Canada’s pop-power-punk princess. I hope she heard me. If not, maybe she’ll hear it here from this post.

I love you Avril. Keep rocking out, and keep giving us great music! Thanks!

2 responses to “Avril Lavigne Rocks London, Ontario!”

  1. Hi Hilary,

    It was my second time seeing her in concert. The first time was about 8 years ago. I still have the t-shirt!

    She really is a talented singer/songwriter/performer. And it was a great show!