The Auto Shop Waiting Room

No one here is creative.
They silently sit and watch golf on the television,
I mean, golf?
Who finds that in the least bit entertaining?

The newspaper sits untouched.
I’ve been here for two hours
and the magazine rack,
beautifully stoked,
has not seen one visitor.
It’s lonely.

I wrote five pages of my journal,
read some of the newspaper
and several chapters of the novel I brought with me.

Always have a book with you,
that’s my motto.
Otherwise you can end up in a spot like this
and brainlessly waste an entire afternoon.

I hate being in this waiting limbo.
That’s really what this is.


It should have been an in and out oil change.
Instead, two mechanical problems needed to be addressed
which is currently sucking up my afternoon.

Thank goodness,
someone new showed up,
an elderly lady and she’s knitting.

Am I old because I can’t just sit here and do nothing?
like everyone else had been doing
until she showed up

Or do some people just need to create?
And why doesn’t everybody?

Is my car ready yet?
I’m so ready to but out of this limbo.
One way or the other, I will.
It’s time to escape.