Author Mail

Sharon Creech wrote my all-time favourite book, Heartbeat. Early this year I wrote her a letter to tell her how much I enjoy her work and how successful the novel study went in my class last year.

Last week I finally got a response. It was a large letter-sized envelope with HarperCollins Publishers listed as the return address. I was so excited just to see this envelope in my mailbox that I didn’t even wait to get inside the house to open it up.

It was a little disappointing to see that the letter was addressed “Dear Reader,” but I understand that she probably gets lots of mail. It’s just nice that she responded to my letter. This is the first time I have ever written an author. When I was a lot younger, I wrote some musicians and my favourite actress. Every time I have written a celebrity, I have received a response. I think that that is amazing.

I like the fact that Sharon Creech sent me a nice package. In her letter she apologizes for not answering every piece of mail personally. I can understand that. In fact, with all my other fan mail items, only one piece has ever been answered personally. However, it is still a thrill to get mail back. Today was no exception.

Besides the letter, I also received a teacher’s guide and a nice pamphlet about the author. At least the package shows that she actually read my mail. I’m sure she doesn’t normally mail teacher’s guides out to just anybody. That was a nice touch.

I am currently reading my fifth Sharon Creech book. I think I will probably read all of her books now. I am a big fan! And this mail has just made my week!

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