April Showers, Blog Post Flowers

April Showers Blog Post Flowers

April showers bring forth blog post flowers. That’s the saying, right?

Here’s what bloomed last year at this time.

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Canada Under Siege

In the year 2112, a war erupts between the United States of America and Canada. This graphic novels tells the story of a small band of freedom fighters doing their best to stop the invasion and “stand on guard for their home and native land,” a reference to the Canadian National Anthem. The book is uniquely Canadian too, despite it being created by a mostly American cast. The artist, Steve Skroce, is Canadian, but the rest of the creators are not. [Keep Reading]

Transform School Band Concerts

Instead of working for an entire semester towards a concert performance, having multiple, shorter performances can have numerous benefits.

Nicole Kmoch writes, “It’s a chance for students to showcase what they can do and an opportunity to educate parents about the process and how they can help support their students at home. In addition to several opportunities to perform solo and in small groups, the informance gives many students an opportunity to speak to the audience.” That is just one tip in a great blog post that is more than worth your time. [Keep Reading]

Running Trails and Skateparks

I love finding new places to run and great places to skate. Click through to explore nature trails that you can run or hike and skateboard parks you can visit. There are pictures and descriptions of each spot as well.  I regularly add new trails and parks to the list. Check it out! [Keep Reading]

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