April – 11 Years Ago

Chasing Content - April 2008

Every month, I stroll through the posts I wrote last year at the time and create a small highlight reel of sorts. There are a few months I haven’t done yet, so I am trying to catch up. Let’s jump back in time, eleven years and see what was happening then.

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The Promotion of Human Welfare

I read this great essay and within it was this quotation, “…it would be far more socially beneficial to induce men to accept the promotion of human welfare on earth as their major purpose in life.” That is beautiful! [Keep Reading]

I try to live my life this way. I remember in Scouts we had a motto, “Leave it cleaner than you found it” and I always try to do that. It always amazes me when people leave their garbage inside the movie theatre.  I take mine with me and throw it out on my way out of the cinema. It’s a small thing and there are much better examples, but you get the point.

What is Story?

The word myth is a very strong and powerful word. . . That is is why I use the word story instead. Unfortunately, this word also can be equated with untruth but I don’t think the two have become synonymous in our culture just yet. You will often hear people ask if a story is true or if a movie is based on a true story. As such, we almost always believe that there is a true story. [Keep Reading]

I have a theory that story is the nature of reality. I wrote quite a few posts about this in the early days on my blog. I collected some research to support it too. I need to work on formatting it all into a book soon. 

The Mystery of the Internal Clock

I haven’t needed an alarm clock for the past two years. I used to need one. I used to set the loud buzzer on my clock radio. It would go off, I’d press snooze twice and then my watch would go off. I knew that once my watch went off I would have to get up. But that was a long time ago. [Keep Reading]

I still don’t need an alarm clock. And still don’t hit snooze. I get up when I need to get up to start my day. Perhaps I am an anomaly. Maybe I am a just an early bird. Or maybe, just maybe, we all have an internal clock. 

Changing Face of Marriage

It used to be assumed that a wife would change her last name to that of the man she married. Now this is not a given anymore. Some women choose to hyphenate the two names, or not change their name at all. Why is this changing? [Keep Reading]

This was an interesting post to revisit now that I have been married for over two years. I still am not a fan of hyphenated names. What would happen if two hyphenated people got married, would they then have four last names? I know that we identify with our names deeply but that doesn’t mean we can’t change. 

My Writing Process

All you need to write is an idea and some time. I don’t preplan out my stories. Sure I have an idea about what it is about. I know a little bit about the characters I want to include. And I have a rough concept for the start of the story but that is about it. I realize that I don’t need anything else. [Keep Reading]

I wrote prolifically in the first to years of starting this blog.  I need to get back into the habit. I am pretty sure this method still works for me. I just haven’t written a new story in quite some time now. I will write on this year and hope to share the process with you here. Stay tuned!

Thanks for Chasing Content with me!

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