A.P.E. Strategy Survey (Guest Post)

Greetings Chase readers,

I was very happy to come across the Teaching Tip Tuesday post which talked about using the A.P.E. strategy for teaching kids how to properly answer a question.

I am a recent teacher graduate doing an inquiry about A.P.E. and having a very hard time finding research and literature on the effectiveness of this strategy. So, when I saw the post, I thought I would put it out to the greater teaching community and ask all you teachers out there to please take a few moments to complete the following survey.

Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

A.P.E. Strategy (Answer, Prove and Extend)

Anonymous Teacher Survey

1. What grade do you teach?

2. Have you ever used A.P.E. strategy as a format for both oral and written responses?

3. Are you currently using A.P.E. strategy in your classroom? – If not please state why?

4. Please briefly describe how you introduced the A.P.E. strategy to your class.

5. Please describe any benefits to your students’ performance that you may have noticed since employing the A.P.E. strategy, such as whether students are beginning their answers by re-wording the question, and if they are more consistently proving their answers with material taken from an oral or written text, and lastly, if they are extending their answers by making connections that are either text-to text, text-to-self, or text-to-world.

6. Please state whether or not you would continue to use, or would use this strategy in the future.

Please respond with this quick and easy online form!

Or you can also respond by leaving a comment below.


– Laura Martindale