Another Victorious Script Frenzy

I did it!
I completed my screenplay “Global Code Green”
100 pages in 28 Days
I’m a Script Frenzy winner 
for a second consecutive year
and it feels really good!
I typed “Fade to Black: Roll Credits” last night just before midnight. I didn’t stay up to celebrate because I wanted to wake up bright and early to catch the Royal Wedding today. 
The wedding was perfect and beautiful. 
The energy and excitement of this Royal Event was absolutely contagious. My students were enthralled by the coverage. We watched it all morning at school today. They got to experience some history in the making. 
It was a great way to start of the day. 
As far as my script, I am going to put it away for a week or two, go back to revise and polish it a bit, and then I will share the entire work with you, just like I did last year. Please stay tuned to this blog to read it and give me some feedback. I’d appreciate it. 

2 responses to “Another Victorious Script Frenzy”

  1. Hi Chase .. congratulations – love the look of the award .. and the title of the script "Global Code Green" .. sounds interesting ..

    So pleased you and the kids enjoyed the Royal Wedding .. it was a fun time wasn't it ..

    Well done .. enjoy the weekend .. bet the kids are talking about the Wedding and remembering all sorts .. cheers Hilary

  2. Hi Hilary,

    I like the colours and design of the award this year a lot better than last year's as well. It looks really cool.

    The Royal Wedding was great. I watched it in the morning and listened to it on the radio as I drove to work, and then I put it on in the classroom all morning so I didn't miss anything.

    I was surprised to see how much my students enjoyed it, even the boys were into it. They really liked the fly-over.

    Happy Sunday!