Another Trip Around the Sun – Chasing July

It’s been an entire year since these posts were first published here on my blog. This is probably a good time to take look back at them.

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The Sun is Also a Star (And it Shines)

This was a great read that I thoroughly enjoyed. They made a movie out of it as well, but I didn’t feel the need to watch it. I think I am done watching movies based on books. They rarely live up to the magic of the printed page and my imagination.

Running the Tower Trail at MacGregor Point

I had a great run that covered roughly 10 kilometers. I took the back entrance in to that I didn’t have to pay a day-use fee, but after my run I found an entrance that would have gotten me a little closer to this main trail. Either way, it was a great run and one I should try to do again soon.

Why Teachers Should Embrace Youth Culture Power

Teachers are using hip-hop in innovative ways in the classroom to not only connect with their students but to also give them voice. It’s about time that two musical artists in this genre combined their knowledge and experience in the classroom into a great work of art. Hip-hop fans get a great album and teachers get a scholar book showing them how to embrace youth culture power in their practice.

“Through paying attention to how youth express themselves through dress, music, activities even down to what apps they use can give teachers insight to help them become better readers.”

And to recognize that the youth we serve have a distinct culture.

Writers, Set Your Pages on Fire!

“Everyone who can read is qualified to write and capable of crafting something in print that is powerful and important.”

I took lots of notes while reading this book. The above quote is one of my favourites. So, if you’ve never written anything before, why not try writing a book? If you are an experienced writer, I think you will get something from this book as well. It is a quick, easy read with tons of inspiring ideas, activities, and tips.

Thanks for Chasing Content with me

I appreciate you taking this stroll with me through the archives. It nice to brush the dust off of some old posts and remember the highlights from last year. It makes me want to get out there and run some new trails, write some new words, and get ready for having a great year in the classroom next September.