Alphabet Soup – Jon Corbin Remix

The Hip Hop HeadUcatorz are a group of Ontario teachers who believe in the use of Hip Hop culture to inspire and engage students. The HeadUcatorz are made up of DJs, producers, emcees, and graffiti artists who are active educators across Southern Ontario.

This track features Jon Corbin, Chase March, I.Khan, Wizekrak, The Apologette, and MikeAll as they prepare their students for the upcoming spelling test with some tongue twisting word trigonometry.

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Can you spell Hip Hop HeadUcatorz?

H – Honesty honed into homophones
Hold back? (Nah) We hold hope for home alones (Jon Corbin)

I – Improvise, incubate, motivate to improve
Ignite imagination, see students in bloom (Chase March)

P – Proper technique, produce perfectly
Purposely punish weak poets I do it personally (Wizekrak)

H – Healthy with the hype To the heights,
We get heated Hip Hop Helps you when you need it (I.Khan)

O – Open to outlook, quite the opposite
The obtuse have opinions and always offer it (Wizekrak)

P – Penning passages with patience
Pursuing proficient pedagogy with every parlance (Chase March)

H – No handmaid, she handmade producing hertz
so dope it hurts, headphones on n got you hearing (The Apologette)

E – Excitedly educate with effervescence
Energy and enthusiasm, that’s the essence (Chase March)

A – Droppin attitude n adjectives
Emcee academics, acidic bars—absent of additives (The Apologette)

D – Rhyme delivery definitely dope
Any defect I dash it, watch it decompose (Wizekrak)

U – Universe Utterings Upstanding
UHaul Underhanded Update Understanding (MikeAll)

C – Cacophonous classrooms cultivate character
Create citizens capable of contributing (Chase March)

A – Abandon trash, take advantage of the planet
We annihilate the atmosphere and we’re awesome at it (Wizekrak)

T – Tossin truth, teaching no tabula rasa theories
With that tongue twisting word trigonometry (The Apologette)

O – Opening Optics Order Organization
Optimal Options to Operate Ovation (MikeAll)

R – Recognize rhymes scheme ridiculous
Renovating rules to renew recipients (Jon Corbin)

Z – Zed gen buZZes Zeus w their genius
Zealously Zoom a to Z seiZing Zeniths (MikeAll)

Hip Hop HeadUcatorz to the letter, HipHop HeadUcatorz to the letter

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