Alone in a Crowd

Last week when I went to the Canada Day Festival, I went by myself. I can sit and watch the bands perform all day long. I like to go to the different stages and see the local up-and-coming talent, as well as the headliners. I sometimes have a hard time finding someone who wants to spend the entire day or weekend there so I often go by myself. This doesn’t really bother me.

By my rough approximation, there were about 50,000 people in attendance at this festival. I was surprised to see how many of these people were walking around talking on their cell phones. I thought they looked even more pathetic than me. I mean, it’s a great event with thousands of people there, can’t they just enjoy it? Who could they be talking to anyway?

I overheard one guy on the phone. “I’m right in front of the stage, where are you?” “No I’m right at the front.” “I’m by a big tent.” “What tent, there’s only one tent by the stage.”

I also heard another person, a young lady this time, say, “I’m walking around with my drink in the air.” She held a can of pop above her head and continued walking.

Now, I’ve written about my dislike for cell phones before. I want to go out and have a good time. I don’t want to be tethered to a line that keeps me connected to everything. I just want to be somewhere and actually be there.

But it was amazing to see that I wasn’t the only person alone in that huge crowd. I had a great time checking out the bands and watching the fireworks. There were a few idiots there but there always is.

One of the bands split the audience into three groups and had us singing syllables in what they referred to as “a three-part choir.” How’s that for a connection. The crowd of strangers became one voice and it was beautiful. Suddenly no one was alone in the crowd. We were one. It was nothing short of beauty. I enjoyed every minute of it.