Albums You Are Afraid to Admit Liking

I know some people throw away years of listening and try to distance themselves from their earlier musical tastes. Some won’t even acknowledge the music that they listened to as a kid. I can’t understand how people can be like this. The music that I have loved stays with me. I might have moved away from pop music but I can still throw on my old Tiffany or Rick Ashley albums and sing along to them.

My mother brought me up on country music. I still enjoy some of that as well. Conway Twitty is actually on my MP3 player right now.

Sure, there are some albums in my collection that I listen to now and can’t understand why I ever liked them, but these are few and far between. And there is at least one song on each one that I still like.

A few artists that I might be a bit reluctant to say that I like would be Twisted Sister, and Culture Club. But I am not ashamed to say that I like Tiffany. I own four of her albums and think that she has an incredibly sexy voice. I was so captivated by her when I was a kid. I can still listen and sing along to every song today too. In fact, I did just that. Did you hear me? I hope not.

Do you have any albums that you love but are afraid to admit to liking? Don’t be. Come on, share them with me here. Drop a comment about an album that you used to love or one that you would like me to spotlight. Come on, I know you’ve got some. Please click on the comments.

3 responses to “Albums You Are Afraid to Admit Liking”

  1. I like older music. I think it’s really good. Well, not all of it, but some songs are quite great.

    Albums I’m afraid to admit I once owned… *all red* oh, all right, I bought Westlife’s second album. Yes, I used to listen to a boyband! And I really am ashamed of it now.

    Whew, that feels better.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I think some people are too ashamed to drop one here. But I am sure everyone has an album in mind when they read this post.