Album Spotlight Series

Tuesdays are when new music is released. I used to look forward to Tuesdays. I would run to the record stores downtown and try to find the lowest price on the new must-have tape. Yup, I said tape.

I reluctantly started buying CDs when I realized that I could not save the cassette tape format all on my own. It was a losing battle. Surprisingly, I now own over 800 CDs. I’ve just gotten used to this format and it is dying too. Fortunately, CDs can be transferred to digital files easily enough. It’s harder to convert over tapes but I have managed to do so with a few of my most favourite albums.

I am beginning to think that this new digital music revolution is killing the album. It seems to be about the song now. Singles and ring tones are ruling the charts. Albums don’t seem to be as important anymore in the grand scheme of things, but they are to me. So I am starting a new weekly feature here. Tuesdays will be album spotlight days. I will post an entry every week about my all-time favourite albums.

Choosing what albums to spotlight will be a chore for me. I have so many albums where I can sing along to every single song. I have albums that have special significance for me for a variety of reasons. Of course, I also have albums in my collection that merely collect dust. I blow off the dust every now and then play them but I have many albums that have remained unplayed for quite some time and will probably stay that way as well. I have jewels in my collection but I also have turds. I think all music collections are like that.

So, be on the lookout for the album spotlight. It starts next week. I hope this feature will be as well received as my Commonplace Book Tuesdays, which has been spun off into its own blog. Remember to go check it out at Thoughtful Cacophony. I highlight song lyrics there every Wednesday as well. I hope you enjoy both features.