Album Spotlight # 4

Big Red Letter Day by Buffalo Tom

The year is 1993 and I am glued to my television set every Thursday at 8:00 p.m. Claire Danes fills up the screen as a 15 year-old teenager in the critically acclaimed My So-Called Life. I am captivated by her character and this little show and tune in faithfully ever week.

The show often featured music from alternative bands and tried to stay true to the type of music that teenagers were listening to at the time. One episode had the characters going to a Buffalo Tom concert. At this point in my life, I had never heard of this band. I liked the episode and enjoyed the music but didn’t think much about it until I saw the soundtrack in a music store. Being such a huge fan of the show, I scooped up the CD like it was a newly discovered treasure.

I really liked the Buffalo Tom song on the soundtrack and set out to hear more of their music. Big Red Letter Day was the latest release from Buffalo Tom so I quickly scooped this one up a few days after getting the soundtrack. This album is amazing. It’s just a great album. I can’t really describe their sound on a blog and give them justice. It is power-pop rock that always seems to fit my mood.

I have been a fan of Buffalo Tom ever since. The one thing that really impresses me about this group is that they have a very distinct and constant sound. All of their albums have this same sound. They don’t feel that they have to change their sound every album like some artists. Their sound never gets old for me. It works and I’m glad that they continue to stick with it. I blogged about their latest album 3 Easy Pieces last summer.

Buffalo Tom is a three-piece group that I always have in heavy rotation. I can play any of their albums no matter what my mood. I always go back to them and listen to them several times ever year. They are an excellent group and I would place them in my top 5 groups of all time period.