Adventures in Space via Comics

Adventures in Space Comics

Here are the latest graphic novels I copped from the public library and my thoughts on them.

Captain Marvel – Alis Volat Propriis

I have to admit, I don’t know much about the character of Captain Marvel. My exposure to her comes from the Civil War crossover event, and the appearances she has made in a few other books I’ve read. I’m a big fan of Ms. Marvel, so I knew a bit about her from those books.

Now that she has her own big budget film in the Marvel universe, I am sure that more and more of these books will start showing up at the public library. This is the second one I’ve read but also the third in the series.

Overall, I was not impressed with this volume. Most of it took place in space with Captain Marvel by herself in a space ship. We don’t get to see her flex her super-powers. The final story in the collection was touching, however. I felt like I needed to know a little more of that backstory to fully appreciate it though.

Star Trek – Volume 12

This comic series started out simply retelling stories from the original series in the new timeline with the modern movie characters. I absolutely hated the way they were doing things. Perhaps, I was not the only one because they seemed to have started to write smarter stories that fit better with this crew.

In “Live Evil,” they revisit the episode “Mirror Mirror” but instead of four officers ending up in the alternate universe, this time, the entire ship gets transported there. There are two Enterprises, two Spocks, and two of all the bridge crew. The evil Captain Kirk is excited to battle a version of himself as well.

I’m glad they told the story in a fresh new way. I love the mirror universe stories when they are done well. This one was. It even has a nice surprise I won’t spoil for you here.

The second story in this volume is entitled “Reunion” and it is an original story. It doesn’t seem to be based on an episode from the old TV show at all. It feels grand in a way that the Star Trek universe should be.

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