Access: Devine Carama

Devine Carama is our special guest for this edition of Access. It’s live and interactive radio co-hosted by Conshus and yours truly, Chase March.

Press play and enjoy!

And here is a brief run-down of our conversation.

(4:35) Introductions
(5:26) 1st project / 1st rhyme / The Come Up
(6:56) Taking Rap seriously
(7:48) Mixtapes vs Albums
(10:35) ‘Thank You’ random fact
(12:35) Gap between 1st & 2nd mixtapes
(13:55) Paying Dues
(15:08) Getting out of the basement
(17:50) Influences
(19:00) Canibus’ rise & fall
(22:30) OMG
(23:00) HIP HOP in Lexington, KY
(25:55) ‘Dead Man Walking’ random fact
(28:30) Lack of more well known KY artists
(31:15) Leaving a legacy
(34:00) Working with Jackee Harry
(37:26) Poetry in Motion Youth Program
(41:45) ‘No Child Left Behind’ album & charity
(45:25) ‘Voices from the Grave’ random fact
(46:40) Thanksgiving plans & Black Friday war stories
(50:45) Hip Hop on the radio
(54:17) Thanksgiving day discography giveaway
(55:47) Writing process
(56:50) Contacts
(57:25) Meaning behind name
(59:30) Why the Rapsody dedication