A.W. Campbell Trail Run

A.W. Campbell Conservation area is located in the small township of Brooke-Alvinston, Ontario.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the front entrance or the trail map when I was there for a run on the weekend. But let’s go on a little tour of the place nonetheless.

There are 40 campsites, various playgrounds and activity areas, and an eight hectare (20 acres) reservoir perfect for fishing and canoeing.

I started by running around the lake and it was a pretty nice route.

There are plenty of footbridges and boardwalks along the way.

Isn’t it too early for leaves to be littering parts of the trail? I want summer to hold on a bit longer.

According to their website, “Trails crisscross through the A.W. Campbell Conservation Area taking you through a deciduous forest and floodplain. Over 8 km of trails leads you along Morrough Creek and includes a host of wildflowers and interesting tree species such as the blue ash.”

I ran one of the sidetrails after the main loop and there doesn’t seem to be 8 kms worth of trail here. It’s close to half that distance. But it was a nice place to run with well-maintained trails, a nice loop, and several hills.

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