A Tribute to Shock G (Digital Underground)

Shock G of Digital Underground passed away on Friday at the age of 57. He was a larger-than-life icon who brought us the character of Humpty Hump, popularized P-funk, brought humour and originality to hip-hop, introduced us to 2Pac, and produced some amazing records and albums.

He was brilliant and will truly be missed. I hope he knew how inspirational and influential he was for hip-hop and music in general, but I’m not sure he did.

I hate that I had to do tribute shows three weeks in a row. This hurts.

This one is for you, Shock G!

Chase March & Wizekrak – Word is Bond Theme
Raw Fusion – Funkintoyoear
Digital Underground – The Humpty Dance
Digital Underground – Doowutchyalike
Digital Underground ft 2Pac – Same Song
2Pac – Rebel of the Underground
Digital Underground ft 2Pac – The DFLO Shuttle
Digital Underground ft Inersha – Sittin on Tha Hitz
Digital Underground ft 2Pac – Wussup Wit The Luv
Digital Underground ft The Luniz – We Got More
Digital Underground – Freaks of the Industry
2Pac – Trapped
Digital Underground ft Del – Food Fight
Digital Underground – The Way We Swing (Remix)
Digital Underground – Arguing on the Funk
Digital Underground ft Big Pun – The Mission
2Pac ft Digital Underground – I Get Around
Digital Underground ft Krs-One – Cyber Teeth Tigers
Digital Underground – Tie the Knot
Digital Underground – Underwater Rimes (Remix)
Digital Underground – X For the Ear
Raw Fusion – Rocking to the P.M.
2Pac – So Many Tears
Digital Underground – Children of the Sun
Digital Underground – No Nose Job
Parliament – Flashlight
Parliament – Let’s Play House
Shad – Out of Touch
Evidence – Better You
Gotham ft Skyzoo – Attention Span
Checkmate & DJ Kemo ft Tiago Vasquez – No Pressure
Justo the MC & DK – For the People
Digital Underground ft George Clinton – Sons of the P

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