A Recipe for Great Teaching

In this video, Hip Hughes suggests a recipe for teaching that includes these key ingredients.

Content Knowledge

“You need to understand the content beyond the curriculum because you are generally interested in it. It needs to be something that’s part of your life. You need to love your content, always be immersed in it, and always be a life long-learner.

Fall in love with your content and be ready to hate it a little because your students aren’t going to love it like you do.”


“You should have a very strong idea of what learning is.

I believe learning is invisible. I believe I can’t teach anybody anything. I believe that all I can do is facilitate a journey into an experience that allows that individual user to have some type of experience.

I believe in inquiry. I believe in new literacies. I believe that children should be making things, not just eating things. I believe in the power of the visual word. I believe in music. I believe in the print. I believe in movies. I believe in me.

If you believe it, be flexibility to change it, and you should be good to go.”

Be Authentic 

“You need to be a real live human being. You can’t be a phony. Kids know that the second they see it and you’ll lose them. You need to know who you are before you walk into the classroom and don’t hide it. ”

Human Relationships

“You need to know how to interact and how to understand different types of people. In order to convey to someone an idea and convince them to do something, you need to be real with them on a very personal level. You have to be interested in them.

Kids will believe in you if you believe in them. ”

I’m Inspired, time to work on my recipe!

That is a very inspirational video and I’m glad that a fellow educator hipped me to Hip Hughes. If you don’t follow Richard Byrne online and you are a teacher, you need to fix that oversight right now.

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