A Photographic Tour of The Avon Trail

Today, we are exploring The Avon Trail in Stratford, Ontario.

I started my run at Queen’s Park and ran west along the waterfront trail.

It really was a beautiful place to explore nature

and some local history.

There was a lot happening on the water this afternoon. There were tour boats, boat rentals, and even a rowing teaming getting in a practice session. It was interesting to hear the coach bark instructions at the team. Seemed like it might have been more of a workout than my 6 kilometer run.

I didn’t know Stratford had a furniture industry.

I love this portion of the trail. The stone path goes underneath a stone bridge. Fantastic!

Here is the Shakespearean Garden.

The trail continues along a dirt pathway.

I cut across to the other side of Lake Victoria and had to run along a side road for a little while. There are houses along that shore that back right onto the waterfront.

When I got back on the waterfront trail on the North side, I saw that one of those homes is a Historical Landmark. Sir John Cunningham McLennan lived here.

The city really is doing a great job of celebrating history and nature in this park right in the heart of the small town.

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