Long Live the Audio Book

Audio Books in Any FormatTechnology changes so fast that it is sometimes hard to keep up.

I remember when books first appeared on cassette. They were simply called Books on Tape at that time.

A few years ago, I noticed audio books available for free at the public library. Some of the stories take anywhere from 10 to 20 CDs to tell the unabridged versions.

As such, Books on CD aren’t that practical in the new digital age. Fortunately, we can get novels on MP3 CDs where the entire program can fit on a single disc.  Or, we can download the entire story to stream on our wireless devices.

Last week, I wrote about the need we have for good stories. Audio books are just one of the formats available to us to enjoy stories when we are on the go.

I always have one in the car with me. I’ve been making some fairly long trips and they are the best for those drives. 

I toggle between talk radio, music, and audio books. It’s a nice balance.

Some Stories Need to be Heard

Some of my favourite books sound better and need to be heard rather than read. Even Orson Scott Card agrees that the audio productions of his books are the way to experience his work. Sharon Creech’s Heartbeat falls into that category as well.

Hopefully good quality audio books can continue to be produced for an online audience. When I finally release any of my fiction, I will make sure that it has a good audio book version as well.

Love Live the Audio Book!

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