5 Minute Daily Language Activities

Here is a great resource that you can use every day in your Language Arts program.

It’s called Daily Language Review and there are editions available for each grade level (1-8)

I like how the activities explore several different areas of the Language Arts curriculum. The students get a chance to edit and correct two sentences every day. There are three other questions that cover punctuation skills, grammar, spelling, analogies, onset and rime, and more.

Here is the Thursday page for Week 2 of the program.

I really like how these worksheets can be completed in about five minutes. I normally write the questions on the board to save paper and photocopying. Of course, you could also purchase the whiteboard version to project the worksheets onto your Smartboard so you wouldn’t even have to do that.

Taking up the questions together as a class will also help reinforce the variety of topics covered each day. It gives you a quick review and might even give you an idea about topics or lessons that your students need further work in.

Plus, the variety of grade level editions allow you to differentiate your instruction. You can use a book at a lower level for your students who are struggling with the concepts. You could also use a book above your grade level for students that need a little more of a challenge.

I have purchased a lot of teaching resources over the years, but this one is definitely one of my favourites. I have the Grade 2, 3, 4, and 5 books. I highly recommend them.

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2 responses to “5 Minute Daily Language Activities”

  1. Hi Chase .. I can see the reason you enjoy this resource .. especially as you can adapt, stretch and contract the questions .. so that the learning can be done at any spare moment in a class .. if you need an infill – or a complete lesson.

    Good resource to have available at all times ..

    Nearly there – 2 days to go .. I'm sure you're almost finished .. cheers Hilary

  2. Hi Hilary,

    I never thought about how useful this resource could be for supply teachers. Thanks for the great idea!

    My novel is just about done. I have three thousands words to go. I should be able to get it done by tomorrow's deadline of midnight.

    Thanks for all the encouragement!