5 Lovely Ladies of Silent Cacophony

My first celebrity crush was Claire Danes. I was completely captivated by her when I saw the very first episode of My So-Called Life.

I also developed a bit of a crush on the fictional Erica Strange played by Erin Karpluck on the excellent television series Being Erica.

And then, of course, there was Black Widow from the latest Iron Man movie.

My next celebrity crush was Amy Adams.

And my latest celebrity crush is Amy Pond. She is the doctor’s new companion on Series 5 of Doctor Who. She is played by Karen Gillan.

Just today I realized that there are some interesting connections between all of these Lovely Ladies of Silent Cacophony.

Do you see them?

Claire Danes and Erin Karpluck are both leading characters in critically acclaimed television series.

I really love the character of Erica Strange. I was never that big a fan of Scarlet Johansson but there is something special about seeing her play the character of Black Widow.

How could you not love Amy Adams after seeing her in Enchanted? Seriously. And that ties into my latest crush as the name of the character she plays is Amy Pond.

And of course all of these lovely ladies happen to have red hair.

What is it about red hair that I find so attractive?

All I know is that these ladies are welcome here at Silent Cacophony any time.