Exercise Trail in Cambridge, Ontario

Bob McMullen Trail

Last year, I showed you the running route I took along the Bob McMullen Trail in Cambridge, Ontario. Today, I want to show you the exercise trail that runs along the route as well.


There are several of these stations placed along the trail route. Each station has specific equipment and instructions about how to do the exercises properly.

Exercise 1

This is the entire station and as you can see, there are four different exercises you can do here.

Exercise Station

I always wondered what those parallel bars were for.

Hip Flexes

Here are some exercises you can do on any bench. Lots of the trails I run on have benches throughout the route. Maybe they are for more than just taking a short break.

History Sign

This poster illustrates the historical significance of the area.

Exercise trails such as this one are rare. I’ve only seen this type of arrangement in a few places. I remember going to one of theses as a kid and I love running ahead to the next station. I will have to look that up again. I wonder if it is still there.

Do you have a great trail to recommend?

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