4 Things to Keep in Your Wallet

I always carry these four things in my wallet. I think it goes back to my Boy Scout days and the motto “Be Prepared.” Well, things have certainly changed since then. So my list has changed too. Here it is,

1) A prepaid phone card

In Scouts we were always told to carry a quarter on our person just in case we had to make a phone call. Pay phones now cost $0.50 and sometimes we need to make a long distance card. So instead of carrying a lot of change, I carry a President’s Choice Prepaid Long Distance Card.

This card is awesome because you dial an 800 number and then punch in your pin. You can then dial any number in North America for 4 cents a minute. So if you need to make a quick local call, it only costs 4 cents instead of 50. And if you have to make a long distance call, you don’t have to feed the phone quarter after quarter.

Even if you have a cell phone this is a good thing to have in case your phone dies.

A must have for my wallet.

2) Phone Number List

I have a piece of paper in my bill fold with important phone numbers written on it. It has my parents’ work numbers, my aunt and uncles’ numbers, and a few other important numbers on it. This way if there is ever an emergency I have plenty of contact numbers on me.

This is also good to do even if you have a cell phone just in case the batteries die and you can’t access your stored numbers.

3) A Blank Cheque

Sometimes you may need a cheque and you won’t have your chequebook on you. In these cases, a cheque in your wallet is a lifesaver. I know it’s come in handy for me several times.

4) A Small Thumb Drive

Sometimes you need to save an important document from someone else’s computer. They make these so small now that one can actually fit in your coin compartment or even in a credit card holder.

Be Prepared

These are great things to carry on your person. I have a list of things to keep in your car too. It’s a longer list but I plan on posting it here soon.

It always helps to be prepared.

7 responses to “4 Things to Keep in Your Wallet”

  1. Hi Vered,

    I wonder how many people actually think about this stuff. I bet it’s not many.

    Hi Silverfish,

    That is so true!

    Thanks for the comments!

  2. Hi Shamelle,

    I like to do the same thing. It doesn’t fit in my wallet but I keep a small notepad and pen in my car.

    Thanks for the comment.

  3. Hi Chase,

    I have checks, my insurance card and some cash, but never thought of having a prepaid phone card or a phone number list. I’ll have to add those.

    Great ideas.

  4. Hi Barbara,

    I use my prepaid phone card all the time. It’s great! I never put money into a payphone anymore. I just dial the toll free number, punch in my code, and talk. It is usually cheaper than the 50 cents for a local call and way more convenient for a long distance call as well.

    The only thing to keep in mind is that these cards have expiry dates. Some cards have a balance transfer feature so if you don’t use all your money by the expiry you can transfer it to a new card.

    Some cards also have connection fees. Look for one that has no fees and a low per minute cost.

    I have found that President’s Choice cards are the best for all of these reasons. (You can get them at any Loblaws store)