4 Things to Keep in Your Car

Yesterday I wrote about the 4 important things you should keep in your wallet. Today I am expanding the list to 4 things you should keep in your car. Here they are,

1) A Blanket

A Blanket is a very useful thing to have in the back of the car. It can be used for a variety of things. You can use it for warmth if you break down somewhere. You can use it to kneel down on or lie on if you need to work under your car. And it can also be used to carry people or other things if need
be. It is versatile and doesn’t take up much room. Put one in your trunk today.

2) Coins

I throw my spare change into the ashtray. I always make sure that I have a fair amount of money in there. It can come in handy if you are stuck somewhere and need to buy something to eat or drink form a vending machine. Plus, you never know when you might need money for a parking meter.

3) A Small Tool Kit

Once again, this is something that you may never use. But it is a great idea to keep on hand just in case you need to do some unforeseen repairs. You may find that you need a tool one day for a reason that has nothing to do with your car. If that happens you will be glad to have it.

4) A First Aid Kit

Accidents happen. It’s a good thing to be prepared for them. This is something that you will hopefully never have to use. But it could make all the difference one day. So get one, stock it up, and keep it under your seat. ** Sometimes in an accident you can’t get to the trunk. **

Honourable Mentions

These are 4 things that you should have in your car but I can think others that might be just as important one day. So here are a few honourable mentions,

A Candle and Matches

A Candle in the middle of the car can warm it up immensely until help arrives on a cold winter day. Put it in a old tin can with a box of waterproof matches. That plus a blanket could help you pull through a long time in the cold.

Jumper Cables

It’s easy to get a boost if your battery dies if you actually have the cables.

Toys / Distractions

If you have or travel with kids, have a few things on hand that can keep them occupied if you get stuck. I keep some picture books and a few small balls in my trunk.


I never pull out of my driveway without a bottle of water. Even if you only plan a short trip to the mall. Things may happen that keep you out longer. Water is an essential and if you have a refillable bottle you can always use it to top up the radiator if need be as well.

Be Prepared

These little things can be put in your car and kept there. They don’t take up much room, you might not ever need to use them, but you will be happy they are there if you do.

Please check my list of things to keep in your wallet. With these few items on your person and in you car, you are sure to be prepared for the little unexpected things that always seem to arise at some point in our lives.

It always helps to be prepared.

3 responses to “4 Things to Keep in Your Car”

  1. Hi Chase,

    In the winter I always keep a blanket in the car. I also have a first aid kit, some gloves, Advil, and coins.

    I had jumper cables but my husband needed them for the business, so he carries those now. The small tool kit is something I need to add. That’s a great idea.

  2. My dad wanted me to add one tip to this list. He said that a candle will burn up all the oxygen in the car so it is IMPORTANT to leave the window open a crack if you do this.